Rideshare Rental


Rental vehicles

RideLender offers a range of vehicles which includes Hybrids, SUVs, 7 seaters, and sedans. All of our vehicles have been carefully selected to ensure your fuel costs are minimised without compromising on your safety. As a participating member of the Uber Marketplace, all our cars are eligible to drive with Uber and all other rideshare platforms, as well as delivery service platforms. All vehicles have insurance cover for ridesharing, CTP, and roadside assistance.

Our competitive pricing means sole-traders and companies alike can take advantage of our hassle-free rental and rent-to-own options and gain tax breaks come tax time. RideLender's commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that you will receive exceptional service, more choice and flexible terms.

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Your RideLender rideshare rental vehicle comes with :
  •   Free assistance with the hire authority application
  •   Free assistance with rideshare platform activation
  •   Free access to our rental program for rental periods exceeding 42 days.
  •   Free advice on how to be a successful driver
  •   Genuine insurance cover for ridesharerental
  •   Competitive low prices
  •   Comprehensive vehicle maintenance
           & 24/7 roadside assistance
  •   No hidden extras

RideLender has a range of rideshare rental options which ensures you can tailor your rental contract to suit your needs.

We offer an unlimited kilometre option, ideal for drivers wishing to maximise their earnings. The weekly rental price is inclusive of insurance cover and vehicle maintenance and includes limited windscreen and tyre cover (details are outlined in the agreement).

We also offer two limited kilometre options of 700 kilometre per week, ideal for weekend warriors, part time drivers and students who may have limited time to perform ridesharing due to other commitments, and 1050 kilometre per week, suitable for the in-betweeners. The weekly rental price is inclusive of insurance cover and vehicle maintenance.