Frequently asked questions

Where is RideLender available?

We offer services in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Perth. Please visit the Contact Us page for site addresses and contact details.

What documents do I need?

We only need a few things for sign up - a current valid full Australian driver’s licence, ABN and a utility bill showing proof of address.

What are the upfront costs?

We require a sign-up fee (waived upon a rental period exceeding 42 days) and a refundable security deposit.

Do I need to pay a joining fee to rent a vehicle?

There is no joining fee if you have previously rented a car from us. For new renters we require a sign-up fee that will be waived upon the rental period exceeding 42 days.

Do I need to pay a joining fee to rent to own a vehicle?

Yes, there is a $750 membership fee to join our rent to own program.

Do I need a good credit history to drive with RideLender?

No, we do not check your credit history.

How long does it take to get a car?

Our sign up process only takes 10 minutes. We also assist you in uploading the vehicle documents to all your rideshare profiles.

Does the car come with genuine rideshare rental insurance?

Yes, it does come with genuine rideshare rental insurance. You are also covered for your general day-to-day errands. You also have coverage for deliveries when the parcel is taken by a delivery app, including food delivery, so long as the parcel is able to be fitted safely in the boot or luggage space of the car and is not a hazardous item or an item likely to damage the car or breach any statutory rules.

What are the inclusions for the car?

On our rental vehicles, We offer inclusions like insurance, vehicle servicing and maintenance and roadside assistance with our rental vehicles.

*limitations as per the contract option selected

How do I make my rental payments?

Depending on the rental option selected, you will be charged your rental payments on a weekly or monthly (only applicable to unlimited-kilometre option) basis, and we charge the rent via direct debit.

Does RideLender offer promos?

We offer promos from time to time. You can call us to discuss your promotion queries.

Is there a minimum rental period?

Depending on your kilometre option, our minimum usage ranges from 1 week to 6 weeks.

How many kilometres can I drive?

We have a range of options for part-time and full-time drivers. On our weekly unlimited-kilometre option, you may drive as many kilometres as is safe and practicable. We also offer options of 700 or 1050 kilometres per week.

Is there a control area?

Yes. The vehicle must be driven within 100 kilometres from each of the city’s CBD. If you wish to drive the vehicle outside of this range, written permission is required and certain conditions and costs apply.

How does the Rent-to-own program work?

We offer a 4-year term plan for rent to own. You have the same inclusions for the car as with our general unlimited-kilometre rental program - registration renewals, rideshare insurance, servicing and maintenance, etc. Once all contractual obligations are met and all outstanding dues are cleared, we only require a final token payment of $1 at the end of term.

How do I start doing a Rent-to-own plan?

In addition to the refundable security deposit, we also require a non-refundable documentation fee of $750 upfront before starting the Rent-to-own program.

Is there an option to finish my Rent-to-own contract early?

We can arrange and make this work for you. Please speak with our staff if you have further queries.

What happens if I do not wish to finish the Rent-to-own plan and return the car?

No additional fees will be charged. However, you are still required to give a week’s hand-back notice as per the rental contract.

What happens if I have an accident?

We provide you with an Assistance Guide at the commencement of your rental outlining what to do in the event of an accident or breakdown.

Do I have to pay the damage waiver fee if I am not at fault?

The damage waiver fee will apply in any event of damage or an accident. However, if the at-fault party admits liability and immediately supplies a claim number we may not require it. Otherwise, we will refund it once we have been able to recover from the other party and have been fully compensated for our loss.

What about tolls and fines?

In cities with tolling systems in place, you must always have a working e-tag fitted in the car to pay for your tolls. Administration fees ranging from $25 to $55, depending on the city, apply for every toll notice our office receives. This also applies to all fines and penalties.

How do I return my car?

Depending on the option taken and once the contract minimum term is met, the vehicle can be returned by giving 7 days written notice on the unlimited-kilometre option, 14 days on the limited-kilometre option, and 24-hours notice on the accident replacement option.

What if I want to return the car within the minimum rental period?

If you return early, you will be charged the rental fees as per the term of the contract and any outstanding notice period. In special circumstances only and at RideLender’s sole discretion, we may allow an early return, however, a $165 break fee would apply.

Do I have to pay anything when I return my vehicle?

There are no fees to return, so long as all contractual conditions have been met. However, the car is provided clean and with a full tank of fuel and must be returned in the same condition, otherwise fees will apply to return the vehicle to the condition that it was let out.