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Rent to own

RideLender offers rent to own options for long term drivers who may like to acquire the vehicle after a period of time renting. For the entirety of the rent to own period, drivers still benefit from the insurance and mechanical cover offered in standard rideshare rental, however will be able own the car for just a token one dollar payment (plus transfer taxes) at the end of the rent to own period.

Our rent to own options for a brand new car are as follows.

Option one
3 year term whereby the agreed weekly rent is paid throughout the first year, then for the second year the weekly rental price reduces by $40, then again in the third year the weekly rent reduces by a further $40.
Option two
4 year term whereby your weekly rental price will cost the same as the standard rental for that particular vehicle and will remain the same throughout the four years.

Furthermore, your rental payments could be up to 100% tax deductible!

For full terms and conditions, click the link below, and start renting to own today.